There are no changes to the Certificate syllabus, but the changes in Operational will impact your next steps in Certificate.

If you are currently sitting your first or second Objective Test, you don’t need to worry about the syllabus changes.

If you are sitting your final Certificate Objective Test and are wondering about your next steps into Operational, we recommend one of these three options:

Option 1 - sit F1 and P1 before the syllabus change, and E1 and Case Study under the 2019 syllabus. E1 has the most changes to it, so if you do it and Case Study after November 2019, you won’t have a knowledge gap.

Option 2 - speed up - complete the whole Operational Level before the syllabus change. OnDemand learning is recommended but you can still use Classroom and Live Online alongside.

CIMA have produced a transitional advice tool that you can access to help you plan your studies, but remember this isn't tailored to any particular study method and the courses available.  Our Student Service advisors will be able to give you tailored advice for your circumstances - contact them on 0161 259 7400.

More information about the November 2019 syllabus update